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"Summertime Chandelier"

Okay, so do we remember those kitschy grape clusters that were staples of décor on those giant TV consoles in the 1950s-60s? who knew they were not just acrylic but also celadon jade, quartz, blown glass and more!

This piece was inspired by my desire to make a proper chandelier. The jade and glass grape clusters started the process followed by so many beautiful bottles from the 1800s which sit on the upper section. Individual salt and pepper shakers soon followed and off I went!

This piece is perfect for a dining room. It’s filled with the aforementioned salt and pepper shakers, grape clusters and more. There is a seemingly infinite supply of items everywhere you look that are just waiting to begin their second ”life”; to be reinvented into something that takes your imagination to a special place. This piece is subtly lit with battery string lights but can be modified to be hard wired if more light is desired.

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