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"Driftwood & Amber"

This Piece was inspired by a wonderful segment of driftwood that washed ashore after a storm off the coast of Maine. I never have a clear idea of what is going to emerge until the process is underway. As many artists would probably agree, a fair amount of excitement comes from a moment of clarity, the knowing of exactly what the piece will become. That moment came in two stages. First; when the shape took form, it reminded me of a wonderful bib necklace Grace Kelly would have worn to a grand ball. Second was the discovery of a small cache of lockets found in my husband’s second cousin Nanettes’ collection. After that was the greatest part of creating this piece; the effortless flow.

This piece would look lovely on a wall that faces a sunny window. I spent many enjoyable hours on this hanging which also happens to be my logo, sketched by Dr. Richard Rauh, teacher of Plant Morphology at the New York Botanical Gardens (and my Father in law).

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