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"Butterflies and Keys"

The inspiration for this curtain was a set of
coasters I found in my travels. The stained
glass butterfly wings were made by an art
teacher and dear friend.

As with all my curtains the beginning
inspiration and the end result are usually
different. This is perhaps my most loved
creation as it has been added to for many
years. This piece has many wonderful items
full of history such as vintage glass buttons
found in a old cigar box in a dusty corner of a
junk shop. The sea glass is very old and well
worn, lots of cobalt blue, and pale greens. The
keys are mostly antique. The glass butterfly
coasters dotting the curtain have aged nicely,
attaining a dreamy translucency.

This curtain is quite large, 60" by 60", as it fills
a picture window in my sunroom. When the
light comes in the colors are brilliant and the
crystals cast rainbows of movement and color
around the room. All my curtains add just
enough privacy to let in plenty of light without
feeling exposed. Many, many loving hours are
spent on each piece.

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