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"The purpose - where I start - is the idea of use, it is not recycling, it is re-use."

- Issey Miyake; Fashion Icon

Growing up with my Stepmother, an antiques dealer, I experienced many adventures foraging attics and auctions looking for the next great treasure. Every box surely held something magical; every drawer promised hidden tiny riches: piles of crackerjack toys, broken watches, marbles; all the items that may, or may not, have served a distinct purpose and now have seemingly lost the value they once possessed to anyone but a small girl who held them in high esteem.


Over the years, I have never lost that thrill I felt finding that antique coin, bell, or flashy piece of costume jewelry. I feel very conscious at this time in my life of the inexhaustible array of curiosities out there in the world and my focus is on finding non-conventional ways to use them.


My goal is to assemble these items in a cohesive way and tell a story, in turn inviting the viewer to continue the story their own way over time.

My pieces are primarily, but not limited to, hangings, employing copper wire as the medium. I have called them copper wire curtains but they are meant to enhance, not obscure, the light entering the window and often create rainbow shapes that travel the room as the sun moves.

"Art is often created through the re-imagining of ordinary objects. There is no such thing as 'away'. When you throw something away, it must go somewhere."

- Annie Leonard,

Executive director; Greenpeace USA and Creator of the animated film: “The Story of Stuff”


I have exhibited throughout Fairfield County, CT at many small venues and garden centers... along with art galleries and art centers including The Westport Art Center, Rowayton Arts Center, The Nest Arts Factory, The Annual Westport Downtown Art Walk.


To arrange a private showing by appointment, please contact me

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